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About us

As a distribution company, Robotics Distribution is part of the international DroneUA group of companies.

The company's portfolio includes more than 500 categories of products from leading manufacturers of high-tech solutions. Exclusive contracts for the supply of goods to the Ukrainian market emphasize the high expertise of the company.

The Robotics Distribution partner network covers the entire territory of the country and has more than 750 partners, including national trade networks: Epicenter K, Rosetka, Foxtrot, Komfi, and others.


We offer a wide range of products for a wide range of applications:


portable power sources, stationary systems of energy independence, solar panels, smart devices for household use


drones for agro-monitoring, scouting, mapping, agro-drones for application of pesticides, seeds and fertilizers, ground-based robotic platforms for performing various agricultural operations in fruit and vegetable growing, agro-monitoring systems


systems for detecting and countering unauthorized penetration of UAVs, thermal imaging equipment, underwater and inspection drones

Communication / mobility

satellite technologies, communication systems, repeaters and signal amplifiers

Process automation

mechanical manipulators, office workers and couriers


drone and mission management, mapping and 3D modeling, personal geospatial and cloud solutions, Fleet management, RTK licenses and subscriptions

Robotics Distribution

By choosing Robotics Distribution,   you get:


  • A reliable partner in the supply of leading high-tech equipment;

  • A comprehensive approach to product portfolio formation: one supplier for hundreds of product categories and brands;

  • Service, engineering, educational and marketing support;

  • Fully automated and transparent work process through the B2B portal;

  • The opportunity to be the first to learn about and introduce top new products to the market.

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